Wells: Building & Being

We build wells around the world: on mountains, in deserts, in jungles. There’s no community on earth that doesn’t need water, and if they don’t have it, then we build them a well.

Build Wells, Build Well-being

Wells: Building & Being envisions a world where everyone has access to clean water. Unfortunately, many communities today still don’t have the means to tap into this important resource. So we use your grassroots donations to fund well construction. A toast to communities, water, and you.

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Help Us Fundraise for Access to Water!

Our ability to provide access to water for everyone relies on your donations. Make a donation to one of our projects for as little as $5 and ensure that everyone has access to water.

Our Impact

Giving access to water for everyone makes a huge impact on our world. Check out our success stories:

So far, in 3 years, we’ve built 150 wells and counting. That’s 150 communities that now have access to water for their everyday needs. What does that mean?

Studies have shown that when children have access to clean water, they are 50% less likely to suffer from a life threatening disease before the age of 14. Children are also 75% more likely to attend school uninterrupted and attend to their family farms.